seven peaks

Guadarrama Mountains, Spain, late October.

Hiking the forest section of the trail to the peak of Penalara, we stopped to watch as a group of vultures rose up on the thermals.

Later I remembered the excellent Wing Beats – a book of Haiku about British birds – and thought I’d have a go.

I followed the traditional English Haiku pattern of 5-7-5 syllables, though I gather that’s a bit old fashioned – the new kids on the block use fewer syllables but more freely.

Any thoughts welcome. And no – “don’t write anymore Haiku” is not the sort of thing i’m after..

warm pine air rising
dark wingtips spread in the blue
shadows far below

*with apologies to the Japanese.

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One Response to Hike-u*

  1. Rob Lock says:

    Nice one! Worth sticking to the traditional format too.

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