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Fire, water and slate. A week in Wales

Gwynedd, August. An old cottage, walls an arm-depth thick, hidden in the dappled sunlight of a wood at the foot of a mountain. Gold crests, nuthatches and treecreepers fly over the roof. Through the windows comes the sound of the … Continue reading

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Guadarrama Mountains, Spain, late October. Hiking the forest section of the trail to the peak of Penalara, we stopped to watch as a group of vultures rose up on the thermals. Later I remembered the excellent Wing Beats – a … Continue reading

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Singing Seals and Shifting Sands. An Autumn Day on Blakeney Point.

Blakeney Point: millions of tonnes of sand and shingle slowly pouring from the sea to form a four mile long spit, moving northwards year by year, century by century. *** A little boat full of rain coats, cameras and binoculars. … Continue reading

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The birth of a new day, dawn on the East Coast.

Sizewell, Suffolk. 28th September. There are few things more beautiful than a coastal dawn. Above the waves, a glow on the horizon. Then a spark of light that becomes a globe of fire, pulling itself free of the sea.  All … Continue reading

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The House on the Bank of the Maiden’s Pool. A night in an abandoned hamlet.

High in Southern Snowdonia lies a forgotten plateau. It’s a beautiful, wild place. It rains hard and often. The wind bends trees. There are footpaths shown on the map but in reality they are lost, covered in heather or swallowed … Continue reading

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Snow storm in a haunted wood

Iken, 654 AD: A holy man named Botolph has been busy constructing a mission in the pagan marshlands of Ikan-Hoo, on the banks of the River Alde. The locals have warned him against it, they know that amongst the mists, … Continue reading

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Deer Stalking. “Its still alive,” said Tommy. It was. As I approached the shot hind I could hear its heavy, wet breaths. It made a pitiful sight as it lay dying, blood at its mouth and a large wound in … Continue reading

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